The Piacenza Technopole hosts 2 industrial research laboratories accredited to the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network equipped with skills, tools and resources in various fields.

The management of the Technopole is entrusted to LEAP for the Former Officina Trasformatori headquarters and to MUSP for the Casino Mandelli headquarters.

MUSP Consortium

MUSP, specialized in the study of machine tools and production systems, operates through applied research activities, dedicated services and specialized training, to support innovation, competitiveness and employment growth of advanced mechanics companies, particularly in the field of capital goods for industry and intelligent factory.

LEAP Laboratory

LEAP carries out research, consultancy and tests in the energy-environmental sector, with particular focus on the recovery of material and energy from waste, advanced energy systems and CO2 capture, renewable energy and energetic efficiency, gaseous emissions, fine dust and air quality.

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